Day 0

Department of Civil Engineering (Building G)
15h30Doctoral Consortium (G421) | Chair: Liping Fang
Sha Lai, Qingye Han, and Ginger Y. Ke High-Level Development of Agri-Food Logistics from the Perspective of Policy Tool Combinations: Evidence from the Eastern Region of China
Juuso Pajasmaa Group decision making in multi-objective optimization
18h00Welcome reception (Ground floor)

How to get to Building G:

Day 1

09h15Opening session
(Ascendi Auditorium – B003)
Sérgio Pedro Duarte, Pascale Zaraté (conference chairs)
Rui Calçada (FEUP Dean)
Fátima Dargam, Adiel Teixeira de Almeida (conference honorary chairs)
Shaofeng Liu (EWG-DSS), Liping Fang (GDN)
António Lobo, Boris Delibašić, Tomasz Wachowicz (programme chairs)
10h00Plenary | Chair: Pascale Zaraté
(Ascendi Auditorium – B003)
Leila Amgoud (French National Centre for Scientific Research and IRIT Toulouse, France) – Argumentation-based Deliberation: Foundations and Challenges
11h30Session 1 (S1)
S1 GDN Best student candidates
Chair: Rudolf Vetschera
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S1 Stream 2.1
Chair: Maísa Mendonça Silva
Room B011
S1 Stream 1
Chair: Pavlos Delias
Room B012
Marlene Meyer and Mareike Schoop Self-Reflection in E-Negotiation TrainingRaí dos Santos Mota, Maísa Mendonça Silva and Leandro Chaves Rêgo An Analysis of the Predatory Fishing Conflict During the Piracema Period Through the Graph ModelTarsila Rani Soares de Vasconcelos, Lucia Reis Peixoto Roselli and Adiel Teixeira de Almeida Performance of holistic evaluation for multi-criteria decisions comparing selection or elimination of alternatives
Ayato Kitadai, Sinndy Dayana Rico Lugo, Yudai Tsurusaki, Yusuke Fukasawa and Nariaki Nishino Can AI with High Reasoning Ability Replicate Human-like Decision Making in Economic Experiments?Nannan Wu, Ruyi Huang, Yejun Xu and Liping Fang Third-party Conflict Intervention based on a Two-stage Optimization Model within the Inverse Graph Model FrameworkHe Huang and Peter Burgherr MCDA Calculator: A Streamlined Decision Support System for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Limei Hu, Haiyan Xu, Dequn Zhou and Rui Liu A group-based failure mode and effect analysis approach with D-S evidence theory and social network for medical waste managementDeoclécio Paiva de Castro and Leandro C. Rego Uncertain Preferences to deal with the Framing Effect in the Graph Model for Conflict ResolutionPavlos Delias, Dimitrios Trygoniaris and Nikolaos Mittas A Tool to Support Propensity Score Weighting for Enhanced Causal Inference in Business Processes
Muhammad Tajammal Khan and Masahide Horita Uncertainty and Information Asymmetry in Underground Works: A Case StudyAlecio Silva, Leandro Rêgo and Giannini Vieira Alternative Limited Motion Stability within the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution Involving Multiple Decision-Makers 
14h00Poster session
Zhor Chergui, Antonio Jiménez-Martín and María del Carmen Robustillo | Hierarchically weighting methods based on ordinal information within MAVT/MAUT
María Jesús Rufo and Jacinto Martín | Updating Utility Functions in a Bayesian negotiation model
Parmjit Kaur and Valerio Ficcadenti | Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Causal Maps created using Group Support Systems
María Teresa Escobar, Juan Aguaron and José María Moreno-Jiménez | Performance analysis of the JIC2 procedure for the joint improvement of inconsistency and incompatibility
Francisco Viterbo, Ana Carvalho, Ana Vieira and Monica Oliveira | Promoting circular economy concerns in medical devices’ procurement through structured collaborative processes
Victoria Muerza, Maite Escobar and José María Moreno-Jiménez | Improving decision making processes in Primary Health Centres through the adaptation of business tools
Martin Krieg, Helmut Hlavacs and Alexander Treiblmaier | Command and Control Support Systems for military commanders: Achieving leadership superiority through AI
Yuanmao Zeng | Aircraft carbon reduction decision-making from the perspective of game theory
Hannah Johnson | Tailored Decision Support Simulation
Maria do Rosário Teixeira, Sérgio Pedro Duarte, António Lobo, João Neves, Sara Ferreira and Telma Silva | Accident prediction models as tool for road safety management
Stjepan Jurisic and Markus Voeth | Where do you come from where do you go – Effects of advice source in negotiation goal setting
Mateus Müller Franco and Maísa Mendonça Silva | Structuring the problem of Smart and Sustainable Cities and Public Security using Value-Focused Thinking: a case study with the Brazilian Forensic Police
Mateus Müller Franco and Maísa Mendonça Silva | The prioritization of alternatives for Smart, Sustainable and Safe Cities with the application of a voting framework and the support of the Brazilian Forensic Police
Jérémy Traversac, François Galasso, Caroline Thierry and Pascale Zaraté | Preference Selection Dashboard for SMEs in Industry 5.0: Integrating Data from Varied Hierarchical Levels and Simulating Diverse Behaviours facing Uncertainty
Renjie Xu, Jiahao Liu, Hang Yang, Xueming Xu, Jiang Jiang and Jichao Li | Assessment model and optimization strategies of resilience for Equipment Systems-of-systems
Yuming Huang, Bingfeng Ge, Zeqiang Hou, Zihui Liu, Jiang Jiang and Kewei Yang | A Strategic Analysis of Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Using Graph Model for Conflict Resolution
Yihao Zhang, Renjie Xu, Jiahao Liu, Jiuyao Jiang, Hongqian Wu, Jichao Li and Bingfeng Ge | Research on resilience-oriented node important for combat system-of-system under emergency management
15h00Session 2 (S2)
S2 GDN Best paper candidates
Chair: Rudolf Vetschera
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S2 Stream 2.2
Chair: Mareike Schoop
Room B011
S2 Stream 2.3
Chair: Eduarda Asfora Frej
Room B012
Sinndy Dayana Rico Lugo and Nariaki Nishino Biform game analysis of incentive structures for circular food economyLennart Rukower and Mareike Schoop Potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Digital NegotiationsSebastian Lakmayer, Mats Danielson and Love Ekenberg Upper Performance Limits and Distribution Invariance for Surrogate Weights in MCDA
Yigal Gerchak and Eugene Khmelnitsky Allocation of Recurring Fixed Costs According to Partners’ Varying Revenues in Professional ServicesUlkar Garajali Negotiation Specific User Experience Metrics for Electronic Negotiation PlatformsMarzena Filipowicz Chomko and Ewa Roszkowska Linguistic multi-criteria support for evaluation of negotiation offers
Luis Vargas and Marcel Minutolo Full Rank Voting: The Closest to Voting with Intensity of PreferencesMuhammed-Fatih Kaya and Mareike Schoop Predictive Detection of Negotiation Progress with Machine LearningSainan Guo, Rudolf Vetschera and Jian Wu Breaking Through Deadlock: Group Consensus Model Based on Regret Theory
Andrej Bregar, Anas Husseis and Jose Luis Flores Group Decision-Making Process for Cyberattack MitigationDominik Schoop and Mareike Schoop Towards a Zero-Trust Architecture for Negotiation Support SystemsEduarda Asfora Frej, Gabriela da Silva, Maria Luiza da Silva and Danielle Morais Negotiation Platform for Supporting Multi-Issue Bilateral Negotiations: the case of an Offshore Wind Energy company and a Fishing community in the Northeast of Brazil
17h00GDN Business meeting (B011)
18h00GDN Journal EB meeting (B011)EWG-DSS Board meeting (B012)

Day 2

09h00Session 3 (S3)
S3 Stream 2.5 + Stream 2.6
Chair: Fuad Aleskerov
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S3 Stream 2.4
Chair: Tung Bui
Room B011
S3 Stream 1
Chair: Marko Bohanec
Room B012
Madoka Chosokabe, Shohei Koie and Yuji Oyamada Analysis of the Impact of ChatGPT on Group DiscussionsEdona Elshan, Triparna de Vreede, Dominik Siemon, GJ de Vreede and Phillipp Ebel Social Loafing in Human-AI CollaborationMarko Bohanec, Davor Kontić, Bernard Ženko, Martin Žnidaršič, Karina Sirk and Rok Vodopivec Towards Certification of Sustainable Mobility: A Qualitative Multi-Criteria Modelling Approach
Mingxing Zhang, Xiaoxiong Zhang, Bingfeng Ge and Hui Zhang Fair Representation Learning for Enhanced Recommendations: From the Perspective of Users and ItemsColin Williams and Liping Fang Multi-Method Approach Combining Predictive Analytics and Qualitative Inputs to Model Decisions of Non-Partisan CouncilsVitor Oliveira, Thiago Sobral, Jose Telhada and Maria Carvalho A Decision Support Tool for Paratransit Systems Planning
Sabine Koeszegi, Atefa Ahmadi, Josef Kastner and Harald Kittler Reflection Machines and Adaptive Algorithmic Decision Support in Clinical Diagnostic ApplicationsXusen Cheng, Xiaoping Zhang, Triparna de Vreede and GJ de Vreede Understanding expectation disconfirmation and trust in human-AI teams: Polynomial modeling and response surface analysisSérgio Pedro Duarte, João Pedro Maia, Miguel Lopes and António Lobo Data driven approach to support the design of Road Safety Plans in Portuguese municipalities
Renjie Xu, Jiahao Liu, Hang Yang, Jiuyao Jiang, Jiang Jiang and Jichao Li Research on Capability Resilience of Heterogeneous Information Combat Networks Based on Link QualityAndrea Rivera and Tung Bui Design Considerations for a Crisis Communication Support System: Some Supporting Evidence from the Navy’s Red Hill Fuel Leak at Pearl HarborCarolina Lino Martins, João Batista Sarmento dos Santos Neto, Lucas da Silva, Eduarda Frej and Adiel Teixeira de Almeida A GIS-based Decision Support System for Natural Gas Distribution Planning
11h00Plenary session | Chair: Liping Fang, Marta Campos Ferreira
(Ascendi Auditorium – B003)
Daniel Druckman (Macquarie University and University of Queensland, Australia) – A GDN Odyssey
Pedro Amorim (University of Porto, Portugal) – Supporting Advanced Analytics Practice with Gen AI
14h00Session 4 (S4)
S4 Stream 2.7
Chair: Yu Han
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S4 Stream 2.3
Chair: Tomasz Wachowicz
Room B011
S4 Stream 1
Chair: Shaofeng Liu
Room B012
Sha Lai, Qingye Han and Ginger Ke Citizen collaboration in urban renewal: a fuzzy-based decision frameworkJoão Batista Sarmento dos Santos-Neto, Carolina Lino Martins, Kassia Tonheiro Rodrigues, Nadya Kalache and Saulo Gomes Moreira Multicriteria Group Decision Model for Land Regularization in BrazilGabriel Herminio de Andrade Lima and Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa Decision support system for maturity assessment in asset management
Yu Han, Haiyan Xu and Jinping Tong Equilibrium decisions of two delivery service platforms from the perspective of value Co-creation: take “Meituan” and “Eleme” as an exampleIsabella Lami A new approach for group decision making: a software combining the Strategic Choice Approach and the Analytic Hierarchy ProcessZihui Liu, Bingfeng Ge, Yuming Huang, Zeqiang Hou, Wanying Wei and Jichao Li Research on Cost Estimation of Launch Vehicle based on Grey Neural Network
Yeqing Guan and Ying Cao Research on the Evolutionary Game of Credit Risk of New Energy Vehicle Supply Chain FinanceMarcelo Rodrigo da Silva and Alexandre Leoneti Analyzing the perceived importance of a multicriteria decision support method in a group decision-making processLorenzo Venieri, Andrea Masella, Elia Broggio, Andrea Marchese and Matteo Bregonzio Generative Adversarial Networks for Virtual Fluorescent Staining
 Rui Liu, Haiyan Xu, Dequn Zhou and Limei Hu Evaluation of NEV market acceptance based on descriptive information and comparative informationChu Yanfeng and Wang Rui Research on E-commerce Dual Channel Supply Chain Pricing Decision under the Context of Live StreamingGuoste Pivoraite, Shaofeng Liu, Saeyeon Roh and Guoqing Zhao Framework for understanding consumer perceptions and attitudes to support decisions on cultured meat: A Theoretical Approach and Future Directions
16h00 – 17h30Session 5 (S5)
S5 Stream 2.7 + Stream 2.4
Chair: Ginger Ke
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S5 Stream 2.1 + Stream 2.2
Chair: José María Moreno-Jiménez
Room B011
S5 Stream 1
Chair: Uchitha Jayawickrama
Room B012
Yan Qin, Qing Xu, Ginger Ke and Qingye Han A study on risk allocation of public-private partnership to brownfield remediation projects in ChinaJing Ma, Dongbin Wang, Haimei Li and Zhengbing Guo Developing a Multi-phase Stakeholder Game Framework for Recyclable Resource Management SystemGuoqing Zhao, Guoyu Zhao, Nasiru Zubairu, Xiaoning Chen, Femi Olan, Denis Dennehy and Paul Jones Understanding supply chain resilience as a complex system: A systematic literature review
Chang-Soo Kim, Saeyeon Roh, Mohamed Haddoud, Adah-Kole Onjewu and Young-Joon Seo An Analysis of Shipper-Shipping Company Relationships for Enhancing Sustainability: Application of Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative AnalysisFuad Aleskerov and Anna Semenova Network Analysis of International ConflictsSidahmed Elandaloussi and Pascale Zaraté Network attacks prediction using set of machine learning models for supporting decision making
Jiangying Qin, Huan Song, Shawei He and Rafael Bitoman Two-stage Selection of International Flights by Passengers in China for Official Business Purpose using Logit ModelRudolf Vetschera and Luis Dias A dynamic model of outcome expectations in bilateral negotiationsSandro Radovanović, Boris Delibašić and Svetlana Vukanović Combining LLM and DIDEX method to predict Internal Migrations in Serbia
Peng Sun, Jiangying Qin, Huixin Yang, Shawei He and Naiming Xie Equilibrium analysis of selecting network structure for airlines in the foresight of two stepsGiannini Vieira, France Oliveira and Leandro Rêgo Matrix Representation of Maximinh Stability in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution for Bilateral Conflicts 
19h30Conference dinner (includes GDN and ICDSST Awards)

Day 3

09h00Session 6 (S6)
S6 Stream 2.3
Chair: GJ de Vreede
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S6 Stream 2
Chair: Ayşegül Engin
Room B011
S6 Stream 1
Chair: Fátima Dargam
Room B012
Lihi Dery and Tomasz Wachowicz Building a cardinal scoring system for alternatives evaluated by various experts within disjoint subsetsRhaydrick Tavares, Sérgio Pedro Duarte, Vera Miguéis and António Lobo A text-mining approach to understand the barriers and requirements for truck platooning deploymentPanagiota Digkoglou, Alexis Tsoukiàs, Michel Zam, Fatima Dargam, Jason Papathanasiou, Simone Beutle, Marina Stanojevic, Zoran Wittine, Petar Sorić and Grigoris Chryssikos Unlocking the potential of the low-code approach for a more open and innovative higher education system
Yanlin Li, Yung Po Tsang, Ka Man Lee and Yi Pu Yao A Stratified Fuzzy Group Best Worst Decision-Making FrameworkAyşegül Engin The Effect of Overconfidence on the Use of Recommender and Decision Support SystemsMarta Campos Ferreira, Maria Veloso and João Tavares A Comprehensive Examination of User Experience in AI-based Symptom Checker Chatbots
José Luis García-Lapresta and Miguel Martínez-Panero Combining the Borda count with approval and disapproval votingElmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan and Rudolf Vetschera Buyer’s Choice of a Seller Using Smart ContractsPierre-Emmanuel Arduin and Saliha Ziam If Digital Tools Are the Solution To Knowledge Transfer, What Is the Problem?
Tomasz Wachowicz and Ewa Roszkowska The enhanced TOPSIS with application to evaluation negotiation offers outside feasible negotiation spaceMarek Szopa, Anna Gorczyca-Goraj and Piotr Frąckiewicz Quantum extensions of classical games and decision optimizationSanaz Azarnoosh, João Carlos Lourenço and Isabel Maria João Selection of technical improvements in product design
11h00Session 7 (S7)
S7 Stream 2.3
Chair: Jean Lainé
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
S7 Stream 2
Chair: Liping Fang
Room B011
S7 Stream 2.1
Chair: Marc Kilgour
Room B012
Dmitry Gimon and Alexandre Leoneti The level of altruism for running social contracts efficientlyGeorgios Stavrou, Panagiotis Adamidis, Jason Papathanasiou and Konstantinos Tarabanis Enhancing Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Team Formation: A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach with PROMETHEE IIAlexandre Leoneti and Takahiro Suzuki A meta-level approach to the general equilibrium selection problem
Gilbert Laffond, Jean Lainé and Remzi Sanver Strategy-proofness with detectable liesArron Tippett Multi-criteria decision analysis to frame the implementation of ecosystem accounting data in land use planningSteven Brams, Marc Kilgour and Christian Klamler Fairly Allocating Indivisible and Divisible Items to Two Individuals
Daniel Karabekyan and Viacheslav Yakuba Evaluation of the degree of manipulability of positional aggregation procedures in a dynamic voting modelChristina Hellevik, Hadi Mohammed and Razak Seidu Decision Support Systems for Local Politicians on Socio-Environmental Issues, Lessons Learnt from a Case Study in Ålesund, NorwayFahimeh Ziaei and Marc Kilgour Allocating Indivisible Items Using Accelerated Fallback Bargaining
 Katharina Burger and Leroy White Virtualising Soft OR interventions 
14h00Round table “Human-Centric Decision and Negotiation Support for Societal Transitions” | Chair: Sérgio Pedro Duarte
Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
Fátima Dargam (EWG-DSS)
Liping Fang (GDN Section)
Isabel Paiva de Sousa (Porto Business School)
15h30Closing Session Ascendi Auditorium (B003)
Pascale Zaraté, Sérgio Pedro Duarte (conference chairs)
GDN 2025 – Organization announcement – José María Moreno-Jiménez
ICDSST 2025 – Organization announcement – Pavlos Deliàs
Detailed programme

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