We consider the topics related to the interaction among participants in groups, and try to reveal key players in such situations.

The stream studies international conflicts, terrorist activity, decisions during pandemics, the problems of food security, migration of people because of tensions in the Middle East, etc., but not only these topics.

The session includes the papers that contain recent results obtained by research teams from academia and industry concerning but not limited to the following topics:

  • Analysis of real-world decision processes,
  • Theoretical works on Group Decisions,
  • Manipulation in Voting,
  • Models of complex networks,
  • Big Data analysis on social networks,
  • Social influence and information diffusion models,
  • Link prediction,
  • Recommendation systems and networks,
  • Stability of Networks

Stream organizers
Fuad Aleskerov, Professor, HSE University, Moscow, Russia
Alexey Myachin, Professor, HSE University, Moscow, Russia

Network Analysis of Decisions in Groups

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