Electronic negotiations are nowadays common business practice. Dedicated electronic negotiation support systems (NSSs) enable complex, asynchronous, and dislocated negotiations. Researchers, developers and practitioners who design and develop NSSs study their use in simulations and in the field, or incorporate NSS components into negotiation, mediation and facilitation are invited to participate in the NS3 stream. We also encourage research addressing digital transformation of negotiations, i.e. how negotiation support systems transform organisations, processes, and practices.

We solicit papers looking at theory or practice, or both. In particular, we seek papers that help bridging the gap between the vast amount of work on face-to-face negotiations and electronic negotiations as well as decision and negotiation aids embedded in negotiation processes. We also seek papers that focus on the design and use of tools for decision support, communication support, document management, or conflict management for the negotiators and mediators in electronic negotiation processes. Furthermore, we encourage papers investigating processes of (digital) transformation in organisations affecting negotiation technology, negotiation media, and negotiation costs.

One goal of the NS3 stream is to show the latest technological advances in NSS research and the current research in NSSs as well as in negotiation agents and their use in e-negotiation processes.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Digital transformation of business negotiations
  • Artificial Intelligence in e-negotiations
  • Machine learning as a research method in negotiation research
  • Bilateral, multi-bilateral and multi-lateral e-negotiations
  • Cross-cultural online negotiations
  • Electronic mediation and facilitation
  • New applications for e-negotiations

Stream organizers
Mareike Schoop, University of Hohenheim, Germany
Rudolf Vetschera, University of Vienna, Austria
Muhammed-Fatih Kaya, University of Hohenheim, Germany

Negotiation Support Systems and Studies (NS3)

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